As 2020 comes to a close, leading experts in Chatbots and Voice Assistants weigh in on the biggest trends we have seen as well as predictions for next year.

The experts include:

We are in unprecedented times — a global pandemic is affecting all aspects of our daily lives.

As people and businesses embrace social distancing, there is a growing need to interact where people can no longer be present, or fewer people may be present, given layoffs, social distancing, and shelter-in-place rules.

At Dashbot, we are seeing, firsthand, an increased interest in chatbots from enterprises looking to provide customer support and services to consumers.

At the same time, we are seeing quite a bit of Coronavirus related messages from end-users to chatbots.

We examined the past few months of data sent…

Dashbot is hosting its fourth annual Superbot Conference focused on Chatbots, Voice Skills, and AI on March 31st in San Francisco. If you are interested in learning more about the space, this is the conference for you.

We have seen quite a bit of change over the past four years. When we first started, Facebook Messenger chatbots were all the rage. Over the years, we have seen interests shift to voice skills, and more recently, to text-based, customer service chatbots relying on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

We have an amazing line-up of speakers for Superbot including folks from Amazon Alexa…

Trends and predictions from industry experts

The conversational interface space continues to evolve.

When we first launched nearly four years ago, Facebook chatbots were all the rage — enterprises, startups, and developers were all exploring what they could do. Overtime, we saw many of these same folks shift to voice assistants as Alexa and Google Home became more prevalent. More recently, we have seen a strong uptick in web-based chatbots for customer service.

All the while, the underlying technologies have continued to evolve. Speech to text, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and AI have improved significantly. …

Voice assistants are a hot technology. Alexa and Google Assistant continue to expand reach through integrations into appliances, cars, and more. Enterprises, brands, and startups continue to launch voice assistant experiences for a variety of industries including media, retail, banking, food delivery, CPG, and more.

For the past three years, at Dashbot, we surveyed owners of Alexa and Google Home devices to better understand how they use their devices and what they think of them.

Key insights

  • The devices continue to be behavior changing to a degree
  • The core native functionality is still the most commonly used
  • Purchasing within the devices has…

At Dashbot, we continue to see the interest in customer service chatbots grow, with more and more enterprises adopting automated solutions — for external and internal use cases.

We hosted a meetup featuring experts in the customer service chatbot space to discuss insights and best practices to optimize customer service chatbots.

The panel included:

Why build a customer service chatbot?

As Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) and AI continue to get better, we see enterprises moving more to chatbots for customer service. Based on our previous customer service survey, we…

Natural Language is the Future

Intuit sees natural language interactions as a key part of their future. They believe enabling customers to get questions answered and complete financial tasks with their own words greatly simplifies and speeds up their experience. Intuit built their chatbot with rich financial responses to give users the power of natural language for these reasons.

The Quickbooks Assistant chatbot is designed to help users get the most out of Quickbooks in three ways:

  • Help users understand their financial standing by providing instant access…

At Dashbot, we recently hosted a meetup in NYC to discuss brand strategies in conversational interfaces. As the space continues to mature, more brands are getting involved and moving from experimental to production deployments. We assembled a great group of industry experts to share their thoughts and tips for brands looking to build a chatbot or voice skill.

Our panelists included:

What use cases are brands developing for?

Our panelists see a wide variety of use cases…

We analyzed the ratings of Alexa Skills to get a better understanding of how they compare.

There are more than 60,000 Alexa Skills in the Amazon Store. Of those, nearly 70% have no ratings at all.

At first glance, there are two significant spikes of one-star and five-star ratings. However, the majority of these are from one review only. In fact, nearly 76% of the one-star ratings and 64% of the five-star ratings are from one review.

This week, Dashbot hosted a meetup focused on designing for conversational interfaces featuring industry experts from TD Ameritrade, the American Red Cross, Travelers Insurance, and Skilled Creative.

Panelists included:

The panel provided valuable insights and tips on developing for conversational interfaces, including effective usecases, development and testing best practices, and tips to improve user acquisition and discovery.

Why build a chatbot or voice skill?

Our panelists are building chatbots…

Arte Merritt

Chatbot, Voice Assistant, and AI Entrepreneur; Former CEO/Co-founder Dashbot

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