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  • Blandine Avot

    Blandine Avot

    Product marketer, passionate by how tech is changing business and human interactions.

  • Chatbots Magazine

    Chatbots Magazine

    The #1 Place to Learn About Chatbots. Founded by @MattPRD. Edited by @KelliKissack. Senior Reporter is @PaulBoutin. Articles from 700+ botmakers and counting.

  • Justina Nguyen

    Justina Nguyen

    Developer Evangelist at @optimizely. @BerkeleyHaas Alumna. #TIL, data, and pizza here: @JustinaEats

  • Snehaal Dhruv

    Snehaal Dhruv

    Speaker | SparkAR | Snap Partner | FB, Insta, Messenger Partner | Twitter Partner | Google Partner | AI | AR | MarTech

  • Marcellus Pelcher

    Marcellus Pelcher

    Software Engineer

  • Gregarious Narain

    Gregarious Narain

    Perpetual entrepreneur. Advisor to founding teams. Husband to Maria. Father to Solomon. Fan of fashion. Trying to stay fit.

  • Regina O'Connor

    Regina O'Connor

  • Omar Pera

    Omar Pera

    CEO Reply.ai, Forrester’s “Top 10 Chatbot Platforms for Enterprise” ranked. Write at ChatbotsWeekly.com. Formerly CERN.

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