Generative AI Demo Night

Arte Merritt
4 min readFeb 29, 2024


Reconify hosted a Generative AI Demo night on February 27th in San Francisco at Wilson Sonsini.

The startups presented exciting applications of Generative AI in customer service, employee productivity, healthcare, HR coaching, gaming, sales automation, website building, and database querying.

The evening started with a demo of Reconify’s analytics and optimization tools for Gen AI, followed by eight startups listed below.

The meetup was made possible by Wilson Sonsini co-hosting the event. Barath Chari, a Partner in the Technology Transactions Team at Wilson Sonsini, welcomed everyone and shared Wilson Sonsini’s experience in Generative AI.

Learn more about the presenting startups and watch the demos below.


Boondoggle AI

Boondoggle AI, presented by Blake Faulkner and Raj Thaker, is a platform that leverages Generative AI to enrich customer conversations and automate data entry into CRMs. The service reads all of your emails, social media messages, and customer interactions, and updates your CRM automatically — saving about 10 hours of manual labor each week.

Jeda AI

Jeda AI, presented by T.K., is a visual, collaborative, productivity tool powered by Generative AI. Jeda AI enables both visual inputs and outputs. For example, you can doodle in the whiteboard interface and have a real photo generated based on the doodle. This functionality can be used to create visual wireframes and high fidelity mockups of apps based on drawings. The platform supports a wide variety of additional use cases including creating mind maps, visual analysis of data, and strategic SWOT analysis reports.


Kona, presented by Sid Pandiya and Yen Tan, is an AI-powered, leadership coach for remote managers. It shows up in Slack as a manager’s co-pilot. When a manager needs help with an employee issue, the app runs coaching sessions to help the manager reflect on the situation, provides advice, and can even help craft a message to the team member if needed. The platform connects to, and leverages, internal HR systems, performance view platforms, and other internal documents including leadership best practices and company values.


Sindarin, presented by Brian Atwood, is a conversational speech, AI service that enables chatbots to speak. The platform enables real time conversation with low latency and interrupt-ability — being able to handle cases when users talk over the chatbot.


Solo, presented by Raj Singh, is an AI website builder. The product leverages Generative AI to build high quality websites based on a few questions. Users simply provide a brief description, a name, and location, and then select a font style and color scheme from lists and the complete website is generated in 10–15 seconds. Users can edit the site via a WYSIWYG interface too. As Raj explains, nearly 40% of the population has a passion project, or “side hustle.” They may have a Yelp or Facebook page, but to grow, they may need a website. Solo can help those folks get up and running pretty quickly.

Titan AI

Titan AI, presented by Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, is a platform for creating AI companions in mobile games. The AI companion can help the player, providing advice or tips while playing, as well as recommend upgrades in the game. It may even tease the player at the end of the game if they do not win. The platform analyzes the players interactions and behaviors to figure out their emotion, and adjusts the AI companion to react appropriately.


Together, presented by Nick Desai, is an AI, healthcare assistant for older and chronic healthcare patients, to manage routine healthcare tasks. The healthcare assistant uses Generative AI to help patients complete the most important tasks including understanding the doctor’s instructions, taking medications, getting refills, tracking vitals, and staying on track with the plan. It also looks at all of the tasks combined to see if perhaps something might not be working. For example, users can simply point their camera at a prescription bottle, and the app will automatically set up reminders to take the medication, as well as contact the pharmacy itself to order refills when needed.


Waii, presented by Derek Chang, is a text-to-SQL API service. The service can handle complex questions in natural language and convert to SQL, even when there are multiple tables involved. Enterprises can host the API in their own environments and on premise, for complete data security. In addition to creating the SQL, the service can provide natural language explanations of databases and tables so developers know what is contained in them.

Watch the Demos

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Stay tuned for our next event to see more Generative AI demos. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the demo application.

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