• masonlevy


    Founder & CEO of swivl.ai, Health, Wellness and Fitness Entrepreneur, Apple Fanboy, Braves Fan. Believer in Dreams, Seeker of Stars

  • Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

  • Leo Kangin

    Leo Kangin

    Co-founder @ DataBird Business Journal

  • Umair Qureshi

    Umair Qureshi

    B2B SaaS Marketing Technologist — He loves combining creativity with skills and marketing with technology. @cloudways

  • Erik Schollenberger

    Erik Schollenberger

    ChatbotOPTIMIST und Gründer von 3ECKE11ER.

  • Balaji Atluri

    Balaji Atluri

  • Build the web 🎨🛠🚀

    Build the web 🎨🛠🚀

    Pragma is an easy way to build and publish web sites. We are currently in private beta. Apply for an invite!

  • Clément Delangue

    Clément Delangue

    Co-founder at 🤗 Hugging Face & Organizer at the NYC European Tech Meetup— On a journey to make AI more social!

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